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As a business owner, especially who are doing SEO for their website, “Which SEO techniques can they use to make their site reach the first page of search engines” might be the biggest consideration.

Let SEO Frankston | Local Web Solutions shows you another thing that you should take into account to get high position, instead of keeping asking about SEO tactics- it’s user experience (UX). Take a look on this article and find out the importance of UX and the relationship it has with SEO, we believe that some people might have to change their mind after reading this one.



People might think that SEO and user experience is absolutely 2 separate parts and haven’t had any idea to pay attention to them together. However, in fact, user experience has played a fundamental role in doing business as well as SEO. Following are the connection between UX and SEO that you need to know, but before figure out how close they are, let’s check out UX’s definition.

What is user experience?
Actually, there are many definitions for user experience. In simple way, user experience is all about your viewers’ feeling when visiting your site. Are they happy with the information on your site? Are they satisfied after reading your content? According to the International Organization for Standardization, user experience is a “person’s perception and responses resulting from the use and/ or anticipated use of a product, system or service”. Most SEO specialists strongly confirm that if your business want to stay competitive, you need to be investing in user more and more.


How user experience affect SEO
As you might know, Google recently has changed its algorithms to focus on the user experience that means to help offer users the best possible search experience. In the past, your site would be ranked high in Google with the assistance of tons of backlinks or a variety of other SEO techniques. But everything has changed. Google’s algorithms are designed to find, assess and list websites which users think they are high quality. Those sites need to have good design, perfect navigation and relevant content that can make their audiences remember the brand name, return to visit and search on the next time they look for something necessary. Keep in mind that once you can meet your viewers’ demands, getting higher ranking is not impossible mission. Google loves bringing happiness to users; therefore the most effective way to make Google like your site is to make users like it.

Ways to improve user experience
1. Deliver useful information
It should be noted that most viewers have visited your site to look for valuable information which are able to help them solve their own problems. Thus, please stop writing useless stuffs. Focus on creating high quality content with different content types such as articles, videos, infographics, meme, product reviews, etc… in order to reach your audiences’ attention as much as possible. When they strongly consider your site as a trustworthy and reliable sources, engage them is quite easy and quick
2. Using social media smartly

In reality, there is a wide range of social media that which can bring tremendous benefits to your site. Don’t ignore the importance of user experience when optimizing your social networks. The fact is, Google will base on those point below to rank your site:
•Your friends/ followers/ fans
•Your shared/ liked
•Your pageviews
In order to get a significant numbers, you need to be better at knowing your audiences, and make sure that your content is what your followers want to read


3. Don’t forget the mobile optimization

Over the recent years, the number people using mobile phones and other modern devices has developed in leaps and bounds. The online world doesn’t end up on desktop computer, that’s why you need to put your attention on optimizing your site for those devices; otherwise, you will miss out a huge number of audiences. This means that desktop computer should no longer your top consideration, mobile needs to be a necessary part of your development plan. Once your viewers feel happy when visiting your site through modern devices, you are likely to be ranked high in search engines. Therefore, make sure that your site is responsive that will be easily viewable on different screen sizes and configurations.

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