Living area Sets Fit For Presidents And Kings

Dining room sets could be the basis of any house, including the most important home in the nation. The White House is the most visited personal residence in the U.S., but when visiting hours are over it remains the living quarters of the very first Family. As presidents and their families are available and go, changes to the interior design of this vaunted accommodation typically follow.

In 1961, the Kennedys converted the room previously known as “Lincoln’s Bedroom,” located on the second floor in the west wing of the White House, into a home dining room that is now recognized as “The President’s Dining Room.” They painted the walls and brought in their own Louis XVI furniture.

Nonetheless, actually White House dining area sets are not above critique. Following the recommendation of Henry Du Pont as well as Sister Parish, this suite was furnished with antiques in the American Federal style. An early 1800’s wooden pedestal table made in Massachusetts became the centerpiece, surrounded by 8 shield back side seats with tooled white leather cushions established over a contemporary stitch pattern carpet. Two shaded blue silk curtains, designed by Stephane Boudin, draped the windows, and wood block printed newspaper from 1853, featuring images of the American Revolution, covered the walls. Three silver service components that belonged to Andrew Jackson sat on the sideboard, because Benjamin Harrison’s fine china was often used as the place settings.

No changes to this decor were made by the Johnson administration. Even Nixon limited his changes to the carpet, which was swapped out for one of a historic design. The Fords succeeded that with an oriental area rug, reupholstered the chairs, and also had the walls painted yellow. After that, the Carter’s brought back the scenic wood block paper. The Presidential Dining Room wouldn’t see any more major revisions until the Clinton Administration. Arkansas indigenous Kaki Hockersmith redesigned the entire space as well as furnishings, along with other aspects of the White House, with vibrant colors in the model of “Gone With the Wind” before she was gone with a $400,000 paycheck.

Just as presidents need to eat, and so do kings. One such “king” resided in the second most visited private residence in the U.S. Elvis Presley purchased the Memphis mansion dubbed “Graceland” in 1957. As dining room or space sets go, Graceland’s was rather formal. A wooden table with a smoked glass top sits twelve in gold-accented chairs beneath an Italian chandelier. The floor is gray marble with a white-carpet perimeter, as well curio cabinets sit in both corners. Underneath the top of the table is a phone call button to alert the maid in case there are not sufficient bananas on your fried peanut butter sandwich.

Interested in turning out to be the king of your family dinners? The furnishings of Elvis’ Beverly Hills residence, which he acquired in 1967 after his marriage to Priscilla, were set up for auction a couple of years back. Nine cane back armchairs with plush suede cushions installed around an 84″ tabletop with a three-tier cork base put atop a complementing crème colored area rug in conjunction with a 94″ credenza. This kind of round table housed two call buttons, the second likely being for the first Lady of Rock and Roll.
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