Professional Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Service

Removing trees doesn’t only transform your property to be more accessible, it can make your property safer by removing your old dangerous trees. For most Queensland residents, the idea of getting a tree removed can be overwhelming.

With our Tree company you can get all the trees you need removed from your property by an experienced and knowledgeable team.

Please visit our tree removal Logan page if you require tree pruning, tree maintenance, tree stump removal or hedge trimming.

Removing old dangerous trees

Tree-removal-company-cutting down a tree
Tree removal company cutting down a tree

Don’t risk having dangerous trees by your family or your business. We are experienced arborists and can work on all dangerous trees to help you get a safe property. Using our services helps you to:

– Remove branches with an experienced climbing Arborist.

– Cut down tree branches safely and legally

– Remove tree waste by breaking it down into wood chip mulch for more efficient transport

– Leave remaining branches for firewood if you wish

By removing stumps you can create an easy to manage property for replanting and make your property safer for children. We provide a complete stump grinding service to get to the roots of your stumps and stop regrowth.

If you are looking at replanting trees to your property we can help you by recommending ideal native trees and local suppliers. This way you can create a property that has a great environment, looks great and increases the value of your property.

General Tree Services

A company that have more than 30 years of combined experience, and serve both homeowners and businesses. We’re screened and approved by facebook reviews and other online review services. Our prices for labor and materials are competitive and fair, and we’ll perform accurate estimates in advance of all work at no charge.